When the Night Comes. And the Whole World Stops

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, contemplation can be defined as "the action of thinking about a thing continuously; attentive consideration, study."

I believe that reflection and contemplation have the power to help us gain better insights into our lives, and to reevaluate our past actions and decisions. Consequently, it can impact upon and benefit our future choices and hopefully help us regain balance in our lives.

In early January, 2014, I came across a study published by a group of Stanford psychologists reporting that when we experience awe, our perception of time is altered. This awe factor has the power to captivate our attention, which brings us into the present moment, influences our decision- making and makes life more fulfilling. According to the study, a feeling of awe is often induced by nature and music.

In AND THE WHOLE WORLD STOPS I create a space where motion and stillness reside together. Where image and sound take the viewer by surprise and instigate that much needed feeling of awe to give them an opportunity to indulge in a moment of contemplation and reflection. To help the viewer tune in and adjust their eye, each film contains a stable or relatively stationary subject that serves as a point of reference. This way the viewer will avoid disorientation and confusion that could be possibly caused by the multiplicity of unexpected visual stimuli.

WHEN THE NIGHT COMES is the second video landscape from the series And the Whole World Stops.

Excerpts from the publication, And the Whole World Stops.