Still Here

This video landscape is a result of an early stage of research and process work at the Marin Headlands area related to my residence at Headlands Center for the Arts, 2015. A few months before officially beginning my residency I started tuning into Marin Headlands rich environment, making myself familiar with it and learning about it. As usual, I started my research by exploring a broader area of the site. Eventually, I narrowed it down and focused on a particular territory.

During my first visit to the site, Point Bonita Lighthouse area turned out to be a perfect starting point for my visual exploration.

The sound of the wind and the crushing waves, their rhythmic movement, the sound of the foghorn, the ever changing light, ever moving and rotating tourists, the vibrations caused by the walkers crossing the suspension bridge, and the stillness of the pelican comfortably situated on a rock in a close approximity to the lighthouse; all that affected my own perception of time and space, slowed me down and made me stop for some time.

It seemed like the scene had an impact on quite a few more people, and especially children. I have to admit, I was quite surprised that they had more patience than adults and were more willing to stop and stand still for some time to watch the pelican "sitting on a rock". One of the young viewers, about a seven-year-old girl, kept coming back to check on the pelican and each time she would see the bird, she would scream cheerfully, "Look, mom! The Pelican is still here!".