How much is our perception of the world we live in subject to technology? To what degree and from what viewpoint is the human aspect autonomous? Can and does technology define the essence of the ultimate reality?

What is real? What is the truth?

In the world of algorithms and the ever changing boundaries between physical and virtual reality and how the two become increasingly intertwined and often difficult to tell apart, do we have an ability to conceive of the truth? Where are we in relation to Plato’s cave?

These are some of the questions that OMNI addresses.

A great blue heron serves here as a metaphor for an individual that is part of, or maybe trapped, in a seemingly familiar environment; a scene composed of multiple images stitched together (an approach characteristic of panoramic photography). At times, the image becomes blurry and its quality is largely impaired, only to improve with time; a reference to omnidirectional cameras. An occasional loss of focus and blurriness seems to have no impact on the great blue heron who is an integral part of the scene. And yet, at some point, the bird breaks free and takes off, only to return to the environment he is familiar with.



Soul Check by Jørgen Knudsen & Zenial / 2014
Didactic 5: Dangerous Chemicals by Zenial & Jørgen Knudsen // Date final mix: May 2018 Poznan / Bergen