Journey Into A Quiet Place

Journey Into A Quiet Place is continutaion of my video landscape series, And the Whole World Stops. It is a visual exploration of our daily environment that we often assume to be predictable and mundane.

As usual, my main focus here is on visual exploration of the ambiguity of perception. My ongoing research is a visual investigation into the changing relationship between people and the environment in which they live. Into the shifts of our perception of time passing and spaces we navigate, where the physical and virtual realities intersect and seem to have become inseparable.

 Where unnecessary noise  often takes away our focus and affects our ability to see, which in consequence makes us immune to our immediate, often so rich and magical, surroundings.

Journey Into A Quiet Place is another attempt to capture moments of awe in our everyday life and recreate spaces where awe and time reside together. The goal of this approach is to capture viewer's attention and provide them with opportunities to slow down and indulge in a brief moment of contemplation and reflection. A moment that we all need to live healthy and balanced lives.


And again, a Great Blue Heron serves here as a metaphor for mindful stillness and a symbol for surviving, adapting and thriving in an environemnt that is undergoing constant change.

In Journey Into A Quiet Place I combined the footage I recorded on Crissy Field on a typical San Francisco foggy morning, together with the graphics that were inspired by my onsite observations.

Excerpt from the publication, And the Whole World Stops.