Home.Visual Essay

Project in progress. A visual investigation into the concept of HOME.

We are familiar with an idiom "to feel at home". But what does it really mean? What is the meaning of the noun "home". Does the meaning change with our age, life experience and the complexity of life we live in? Do we call home a place where we were born and brought up and possibly return for occasional visits? Or is it a place we are living currently? Is it possible to feel at home in a place we have just visited? To feel as if we have lived there all our life? Is it possible to think of several places, rather than one, as a Home?

My visual essay will be a collection of my own writing, photographs, graphics, as well as other findings related to the topic.

A short video below already tells a story from the point of view of a person who has moved many times in their life and keeps on moving on regular basis; countries, cities, thoughts. It contains videos and sound collected during my travels between Europe and the US last year. It also includes graphics that were inspired by the project, sites, people met, and conversations.