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  • United States

We are always somewhere: home, work, the gym, on our way to a friend’s house or the grocery store. But where are we really? What’s our state of mind? Are we present in the moment? Or are we somewhere else entirely? Are we even aware of our immediate surroundings? 

More and more, technology and information are shifting our perception of time and the way we navigate spaces and unnecessary noise takes away our focus and our ability to see. Albert Einstein once said, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” This doesn’t mean that we need to move to a desert island and disconnect from the world – but maybe we do need to find ways to slow down and take a look around us.

In this Practice Studio you’ll work with designer and media artist Wioleta Kaminska to create a short video piece. Wioleta will lead you through techniques for catching those things that appear in your immediate environment that you typically don’t see. You’ll have the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and observe your surroundings at a slow pace, to document your “journey” using your smartphone and from this create a short video with your classmates. What do you see when you slow down enough to really see?

• No experience necessary, but you will need a smartphone that can take short videos.


Practitioner Bio

Wioleta Kaminska is a Polish-born and San Francisco-based designer, media artist and linguist - but most of all, she’s a storyteller. Her work ranges from photography, drawings and motion graphics to film, video and animations. Though fast-talking, she creates meditative video landscapes that are both a study in perception and a visual reflection of the how we find ourselves caught between nature and technology, contemplation and complexity. She’s also kind of a “bird lady” - in a good way: she’ll make you notice those winged creatures that are really everywhere, particularly herons! Yes, herons.