• Kala Art Institute (map)
  • 2990 San Pablo Avenue
  • Berkeley, CA, 94702
  • United States

The exhibition Fermata investigates notions of psychological attachment and detachment, ideas of time, patience and impatience, speed of life, alternative approaches to handle information, and more.

It presents artists who explore the psychological disjunction in our contemporary life caused by its fast pace and rapid changes, such as disconnections between mind and information, body and image, reason and result, and what is real and what we believe is real, and more.

Musical notation fermata indicates prolongation of the time value of a note or rest at the performer’s discretion. Without a fermata, our mind might not catch up with the progression of music. Our information driven society continuously feeds us data. How do we process this feed in real time? We search many things online: places to travel, partners to meet, things to buy, pets to adopt, apartments to live, but there are disconnections between expectations formulated by online searches and real life experiences. Receiving so much information in such a short time, we are losing mental room to formulate coherent ideas, construct memories and/or create connections between fantasy and reality.