Continuum is a collection of photographs I took during one of my visits to Poland (November, 2014). All the images were taken on the same morning between 7 am and 7.30 am, from a vehicle moving with the maximum speed of about 50 mph, regularly slowing down, stopping and then again reaching its maximum speed.

As usual, I was drawn and intrigued by the impact speed and movement have on our perception of the environment that one, in this case I, can claim to be well acquainted with. The most striking observation during this visual study was the soothing, meditative and reflective effect the changing scenery had on me.


Dawn, fog, rhythm and regularity with which the vehicle was developing its speed, slowing down, stopping and then again reaching its maximum speed were the factors that played their part in shifting my perception of time and space.

About 10 - 15 minutes after starting my visual investigation and tuning into the surroundings, I realized that even when the vehicle was picking up its speed, the scene outside the window seemed to be slowing down, together with my breath and a stream of thoughts passing through my mind. Eventually, the familiar feeling took over, as if the whole world stopped right there in front of my very own eyes...